True Health

Chiropractic is about true health, relief of pain is simply a pleasant side effect that comes with it. I am not using the term 'true health' lightly. Many of us think of health as merely a lack of symptoms or feeling fine.  Please consider that pain is often a late indicator of disease once the bodies coping mechanisms have been exhausted.

What is true health then? You must first understand that your brain is the master control of your body. Your brain talks to every cell of your body via the nervous system: brain, spinal cord and nerves. Your body expresses health through this nervous system and does so best, when ther is no interference.

What does all this have to do with Chiropractic? Simple things like gravity and posture, and obvious things like injuries and accidents affect spine alignment. Without even sensing it, pressure can result on the delicate nerves that exit the spine, causing interference between the brain and the cells of the body. When interference exists, these cells will begin to malfunction and eventually lead to disease of the body.

With specific chiropractic adjustments I remove interference from the nervous system so the brain can communicate at 100% with every cell of the body. This allows the body to exist in a state of true health.