What To Expect

First Visit

We will do a full diagnostic/orthopedic workup to assess your health and identify any problem areas. You will learn about the condition that brings you in, your choices of treatment, if chiropractic can benefit you and how it works. Appropriate chiropractic care may be started as soon as the first visit. Pinched nerve conditions may be eligible for decompression on our state of the art equipment.

Common Conditions

...that respond well with chiropractic care:  fatigue, whiplash, back pain, neck pain, migraines, weakness, numbness, headaches, chronic pain, injured disc, tight muscles, shooting pain, overuse injury, strained joints, postural strain, accident injury, pinched nerves, overall body (joint, nerve, muscle) health!

Questions? If you would like to learn more on how chiropractic may benefit you, please call for a free phone consulation with Dr Po at Motion Wellness & Chiro.

Staying Connected

We make your wellness a priority, the doctor is always available weekdays 9:30-6. Add us to your favorite social networks and participate in health discussions with the doctor or simply catch a few healthy living tips.