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Dr. Po Leknickas
Your Culver City Chiropractor

5.0 star rating
3/4/2013 - Katie S - Marina Del Rey

Wonderful experience! Dr. Po is very thorough and patient. I just had my first appointment today; he adjusted multiple spots for me in my back/neck/hip and I feel so much better! I have increased mobility in my back, shoulders, and neck and after the upper spine adjustment I feel as though I'm even thinking more clearly. I would recommend Dr. Po to anyone!

5.0 star rating
6/13/2012 - Rob M - Santa Monica

I've seen quite a few chiropractors over the years and consider Dr. Po at the top of the list! He really takes his time with each patient and is very thorough. He has worked on my neck and lower back problems, and advised me of stretches and exercises to do in between appointments. I feel stronger, more aligned and have much less pain than ever before! Plus, scheduling through his office is super easy and they take my insurance. I have referred a couple of friends and they all call raving about Dr. Po!!!

5.0 star rating
1/23/2012 - Rachael B - Santa Monica

Dr. Po is a wonderful chiropractor and I am so happy I found him. I was rear-ended and had pretty bad whip-lash which was leading to constant headaches. In a pretty short time, he has gotten me back to normal; the headaches, neck stiffness, and pain are all gone. He is the best.

5.0 star rating
7/29/2012 - Charles F - Santa Monica

Great experience. Dr Po was very understanding and patient.

5.0 star rating
3/18/2012 - Nicole C - Santa Monica

Dr. Po is AMAZING! I saw the other reviews and had to try him out. No wonder he has 5 stars. He's thorough, takes his time, explains everything in terms I can understand and the prices were reasonable. Definitely worth his weight his in gold!!

5.0 star rating
5/31/2011 - Erica C - Los Angeles

I found Dr. Leknickas by chance. I had recently lost my insurance and my prior chiropractor and was looking for a new one. I was driving down Ocean Park Blvd and saw the banner for chiropractic care and called immediately! I even went in that same day and met with Dr. L, he was great! I have been going ever since.
I'm very active- I run, hike, do boxing, yoga, pilates, etc. but I'm also very clumsy and get hurt a lot! Without chiropractic care I would be in a lot of pain but now I have Dr. L to put me back together and he does just that everytime I see him! I'm glad to have found him and I highly recommend him.

5.0 star rating
4/7/2011 - Thanh H - Culver City

Dr. Leknickas's is a great value! He takes the time and listens to your needs. If you don't have insurance and need a good place to go, I highly recommend his office. Conveniently located in the same office area is also a acupuncturist and a massage therapist. Having the ability to visit all three in the same building is FANTASTIC! I will definitely recommend Dr. Leknickas to all my friends and co-workers!

5.0 star rating
3/17/2011- Bruno B - Marina Del Rey

Got a much needed adjustment from Dr. Po today.

5.0 star rating
6/28/2012 - Alex S - Los Angeles

Dr. Po is wonderful. Definitely not the quick, jarring experience I've had with other chiropractors. I drive all the way from the East side to see him. He takes his time and I feel like I understand my spine and body better because of it.

5.0 star rating
6/29/2011 - Joanne K - Manhattan Beach

Dr. Leknickas has helped me tremendously. He's been able to get movement in my locked-up lower spine, which has helped my arthritis-related hip and leg pain. He also discovered and continues to loosen kinks in my middle back and neck that I wasn't aware of.

He's very thorough; he'll review your medical history, medications, etc. to decide the best course of treatment for you. Another reason for this recommendation - he customizes his care, treating you based on the symptoms you're currently experiencing, rather than simply repeating the same treatment from last time. And he never gives you the bum's rush.

Other pluses - a reasonable fee structure and free parking in the back. There is a massage therapist and an acupuncturist on site, as well.

10170 Culver Blvd. Ste. 102
Culver City, CA 90232